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Teenager boy stabs his stepfather because he was abusing his mother

A 17-year-old boy stabbed no less than ten times his stepfather because the 36-year-old man was abusing the boy’s mother. The incident took place in the area of Pylaia suburb of Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Saturday night.

The stepfather had once again beaten his wife and this had the boy see red, the grandfather told media.

It was at 11 o’clock on Saturday night, when the Police Emergency Service received a complaint for a family incident.

Police officers who rushed to the area spotted a young man moving suspiciously at a short distance from the scene of the incident.

They asked him to stop and he started running. He was caught a few meters away.

He admitted that he had stabbed his stepfather.

He was taken to the Police Department of the area where he is being held.

He attributed the act to the violent behavior of his 36-year-old stepfather towards his 43-year-old mother.

The young boy attacked the stepfather a knife about ten times.

The stepfather was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries, the boy was arrested.

Speaking to news website on Sunday, the boy’s grandfather said that he is a good boy and he was always very upset to see his mother beaten by the stepfather.

“He could not bear to see his mother beaten. This happened yesterday, as well. The young man returned home, saw his mother having been abused by her husband for one more time and his mind clouded, the grandfather said adding that his grandson used a small knife he found in the kitchen.

The grandfather recalled that there were often minor problems between his daughter, the son-in-law and the child.

On Sunday, some media reported that also the stepfather was arrested while in hospital on charges of domestic violence.

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  1. I am extremely saddened by the account of the young 17-year old who stabbed his abusive step-father, obviously attempting to protect his mother. It must have bern utterly traumatic for him. I sincerely hope that the Courts take a humanitarian and kindly view of what seems to me to be a very reasonable action, to help his mother, and so he was galvanised to try to defend his mother. I truly hope the judges will be lenient in the light of the distressing circumstances, how young he is, with his whole life before him, and how badly this will have affected his mental health. He will, no doubt, have ongoing trust issues and will need support and counselling, NOT ‘punishment’ for doing what was an act of saving his mother from being harmed.

  2. The Grandfather (sic) should maybe have contacted the authorities if his daughter was beaten regularly as the above mentions. I’ve heard that many women who suffer domestic abuse, maybe do not think clearly after a stage, because of intimidation, Stockholm syndrome etc. It was the fathers (grandfather) duty to help not a 17 year old junior. Even escort his daughter to a woman’s shelter. Very unfortunate situation but many sons will protect their mother.