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myCAR app: Motorists in Greece can pay road tax in monthly installments

Greece’s  Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) announced on Monday that it opened an online platform for motorists where motorists can now pay the annual road tax for their vehicles in monthly installments. Furthermore, the platform MyCAR allows motorists to proceed online with the following actions:

  • To put the vehicle in digital immobility or circulation, by digitally submitting its license plates, without having to visit the Tax Office.
  • Download the toll notice and receive a toll certificate.
  • To remove the immobility of the vehicle and to pay road tax by the month. Month.

Access to myCar is possible with the codes of the Taxis net.

The launch of the myCAR application on the Taxisnet platform is expected to see the return to the roads of many of 120,000 vehicles that have been taken off the road throughout the country.

There will be an online check, whether the vehicles or motorcycle is insured at the time of the application filling up and submission of it..

It should be noted that the right to lift the immobility is granted once in a year.

The platform regards private cars or motorcycles.

The application allows motorists to pay as little as one month’s taxation, on the precondition that the car is insured.

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