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Man lures cat with fish, kicks it into the sea; outrage leads to his arrest (video) UPDATE

A video shows a man luring a cat with a fish. When the tuxedo kitty comes near he kicks it and it falls into the sea. A friend of his is filming the abuse and the video is uploaded on social media short time later. The animal abuse triggers an outrage and even the minister in charge intervenes, asking police and electronic crimes department to identify, locate and arrest the perpetrators.

The incident took place in a tavern of Aidipsos on the island of Evia on May 1.

The outrageous video shows the cats approaching the table, how the perpetrator with a tattoo on his leg lures one of them with a fish and then kicks it. His friends are heard laughing as he tries to do the same with the second cat, nobody tries to stop him or even raise a single one objection.

The video and the story was published also by Stamatina Stamatakou, a journalist dedicated to animal protection issues.

Also the name of the perpetrator as well as of two of his friends, a man and a woman, who also uploaded the despicable video were published.

Initially it was not clear what happened to the kicked kitty as the video creates the impression that it fell into the sea and its fate was not known.

A member of the local animal welfare society rushed to investigate the issue and told animal issues website, the tavern owner had said the two cats belonged to him, assuring that both were fine and that he would help to find the abuser.

As the wave of outrage spread, the perpetrator, a young man, uploaded some  videos on social media in which he swore with really nasty words at his critics saying among others that he was “victim of bullying> on internet. He claimed that the company had some drinks before proceeding to the “joke”. He claimed that the cat fell “20 cm down on the pebbles”. He claimed further that he is an animal lover who takes care of dozens of stray cats and dogs.

The animal loving Greek community remained unimpressed and kept demanding his punishment.

Early Monday afternoon, Citizen Protection Minister, Takis Theodorikakos, reportedly contacted the leader of the Greek police making clear that all protagonists of the infamous video must be located, arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible.

Under the animal protection law in the country, animal abuse is fined with 50,000 euros and is a felony punished with 10 years in prison if the animal is killed.

Minister for Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos posted on social media late Monday afternoon that the main perpetrator has been arrested.

“A little while ago, the Greek Police arrested a person who kicked and threw a kitten into the sea. Violence against animals is unacceptable. The government has passed a strict law to protect animals from abuse which is now in place, but in any case it is a matter of humanity and culture. I am deeply saddened by those who mistreat animals and those who tolerate it. I heartily congratulate those who raised the issue. The reason now belongs to the Greek justice,” the minister wrote.

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  1. Bast..ds!! Wish they were thrown into deep water with big heavy stones tied to their feets! That would be a “joke”!!

  2. I will pay 100euros to any one who names theses pondlife and evil people apon their arrest, don’t quite know how as I am in the UK, perhaps k t g Wil inform me, have travelled all over the Greek islands for many years,and always take cat biscuits and cat sticks to feed the cats we meet, hope they are named,shamed and arrested very soon.

  3. I could write a book on the sickness and cruelty found in some humans and in some cultures and the loss of compassion towards natures creations with the arrogance of the church and it’s hypocritical teachings often being the cause.
    Suffice to say I hope that the full force of the law will apply in this case as an example to others who might like to have a “joke” at the expense of a harmless animal.

  4. I’ve read in another article the POS has been arrested. Now he just needs to pay a hefty fine and leave the poor animals alone.