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Erdogan hints to veto Finland and Sweden membership to NATO

Longstanding NATO member Turkey opposes Finland and Sweden seeking to join the North Atlantic Alliance and president Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatens with veto. He also accused Greece, a NATO ally, of using the alliance against Turkey, saying Ankara did not want a repeat of that “mistake,” when the NATO accepted the Greek return to the military flank.

“We are currently following the developments. We currently do not have a positive position on the issue of Sweden and Finland (joining NATO),” Erdogan told reporters after Friday prayer in Istanbul.

He said that those “Scandinavian countries are like terrorist groups guesthouses,” and added: “There are supporters of terrorism in parliament. We cannot be positive towards this.”

State-run news agency anadolu that quote Erdogan’s statements added that “in July 2020, Turkiye slammed a video meeting between Sweden’s foreign minister and members of the terrorist group YPG/PKK, the Syrian branch of the PKK. The Turkish Foreign Ministry said the incident “raises serious question marks about Sweden’s approach to combating terrorism as a matter of priority.”

Under NATO rules, any decision on enlargement must be made “by unanimous agreement,” effectively giving Turkiye the power to veto any new members, the news agency added.

The president and prime minister of Finland said Thursday they’re in favor of rapidly applying for NATO membership, paving the country’s way to formally announce membership bid in the coming days.

According to AP, a report by the Swedish government on the changed security environment facing the Nordic country after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine says Moscow would react negatively to Sweden joining NATO and launch several countermeasures.

The Swedish government’s security policy analysis, which will be used as a basis for Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s Cabinet to decide whether to seek membership in the Western military alliance, was presented to Swedish lawmakers Friday.

Sweden’s governing Social Democratic Party, led by Andersson, is expected to reveal its decision on Sunday.

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  1. So, what is Mr Erdogan after now? Well, of course, he tries to get in to the US armament program again. He is fully aware that the US wants Sweden and Finland in the Nato because it makes access to the Baltic see much more easy. He is trying the same as the president of Croatia, putting a demand for the wote for entrance into Nato. And he must have had a ruff time lately, he looks worn out……

  2. Sweden and Finland should join as soon as possible.

    It is Turkey who is long overdue to be removed.

    America looks like a fool yet again for recently moving towards supplying Erdogan with F16s, which I hope Greece responds given its mutual defense agreements and hosting bases at Souda and Alexandroupoli. America it seems has a leadership crisis, this overly protective son of a car salesman speaks with forked tongue- not a good president either how ever exponentially better for totally different reasons.

  3. Erdogan made a fool of himself in front of the international community to claim that Turkey made a historic mistake to allow Greece into NATO. He is the outcast today, not Greece.

    He is not a spokesperson for NATO, quite the contrary buying weapons from Russia who he plays against America. This emboldens his bellicose grandstanding.

    The current Turkey under this provocative dictator disrespects international law while controlling the media to bolster an anti-west nationalism over the last decade, even Putin has managed to muster over 80% support through his controlled media.

    Both these of these dangerous embezzling dictators need to be removed, stability and security is already threatened with an increasing likelihood of escalation. They have nothing to lose if their nation’s people realize the lies and their embezzlement which makes it all that much more dangerous.