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Cruise ship passenger found dead in her cabin

A cruise ship passenger has been found dead in her cabin on Sunday morning. The 63-year-old woman was found while the ship was anchored off the island of Santorini.

The body of the tourist was transferred to the hospital on the island where doctors could only confirm her death.

It will be further transferred to Piraeus on the mainland where an autopsy will determine the causes of the woman’s death.

Local port authorities are investigating the issue.

Late Sunday evening, sources of the Shipping Ministry excluded a crime, suggesting that the death of the woman was probably due to “pathological causes”

The sources told news website “There is no indication that there is a mystery, any criminal activity. Probably the death had natural causes.”

The sources added that it was first the doctor of the cruise ship who confirmed the woman’s deathe.

The nationality of the woman has not be made known.

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