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“Εnhanced surveillance for Greece to end in August,” says EU Commission

The European Commission gave the green light for the disbursement of 748 million euros to Greece from the Eurogroup, based on the 14th report of post-memorandum enhanced surveillance that was released on Tuesday.

In the report, the Commission noted that Greece has taken the necessary steps to reach the agreed commitments, despite the difficult conditions caused by the economic consequences of the new pandemic waves and the Russian invasion to Ukraine.

“The enhanced surveillance for Greece is expected to end in August this year. Based on our assessments and the successful implementation of the reforms by Greece, the Commission may not extend the enhanced surveillance status after its expiration in August,” Commissioner of Economy Paolo Gentiloni said on Monday presenting the 14th report of enhanced surveillance for Greece.

The Commissioner for Economy explained that if the enhanced surveillance for Greece is not extended, then the country will enter the post-programme surveillance, in which Spain, Portugal and other countries have entered. As for the remaining disbursements to Greece from the Greek debt relief measures, the decision will be taken by the Eurogroup, the Commissioner added.

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