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US State Dept to Greece & Turkey: Be nice to each other, thoughts and prayers…

The US State Department took position on the recent, massive overflights of Turkish fighter jets over uninhabited and inhabited small and big Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

Responding to a question by a journalist on how these actions impact the stability of NATO, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said:

“We encourage all countries to respect the sovereign airspace of other countries and to operate state aircraft with due regard for the safety of navigation of civil aircraft. Where disagreements exist over the limits of a country’s territorial airspace, we urge coordination and discussion, not provocative actions that could lead to deadly accidents. As a matter of principle, we encourage all states to resolve maritime delimitation issues peacefully and in accordance with international law.”

PS This is the famous US “policy of equal distance” when it comes to NATO partners to which the USA loves to sell fighter jets, missiles and whatever else is needed in times of tension even between neighboring countries.

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  1. Mitsotakis’ show at US Congress was unnecessary and only increased tensions between Turkey and Greece . It’s Also too bad Greece has turned into one major US military base . Both of these actions will likely stir resentment in Turkey and only increase nationalist views domestically which will
    ultimately manifest in aggression internationally . However, Turkey is not stupid , it will first concentrate on unfinished business in Syria and Iraq . Most likely 3rd on the list will be something Greek , either in Thrace, Aegean islands or Cyprus. It’s unfortunate Greece has decided to take this approach against Turkey despite it’s neighbor offering a fair proposal on the settlement of disputes between the two countries. It’s clearly visible from here in Turkey that Greece can no longer be seen as a friendly , peaceful neighbor.

    • “Turkey is not stupid”. I totally disagree.

      As proof, reread your very comment to see how clearly it proves the very antithesis of what you state.

  2. To equal distance amid such a stark contrast is shameful. After all of the standing ovation during PM Mitsotakis’ visit for what? Theatrics?

    Never mind, I would govern myself in accordance to principles that this equal distancing sorely lacks.

    How odious not to take a position against such a stark contrast.