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Marios, the sea turtle, is the worst enemy of jellyfish in Naxos (video)

While there is an “invasion” of the purple jellyfish on the beaches of  Greece provoking a lot of discussions, a video reminds us that when we let nature do its job, everything is better for the planet and consequently for us, humans. A sea turtle in Naxos, one of the many, is the worst enemy of jellyfish.

In other words, if we leave the sea turtles alone, they will clean the beaches from the jellyfish, since it seems that to be their favorite ‘dish’.

Like Marios for example, a sea turtle in Naxos who devours one jelly fish after the other. Over 100 jellyfish in half an hour, as a video shot by Naxos Wildlife Protection.


The main predator of jellyfish is the sea turtle and during our observations, we followed one individual Loggerhead turtle who ate more than 100 jellyfish within 30 minutes. This observation proves the main role of the sea turtle in the balance of the marine ecosystem, while at the same time they protect us from painful underwater encounters!,” noted the Naxos Wildlife Protection.

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Marios is one of the permanent sea turtles of Naxos and the video in which he stars (shot in Sept 2021) shows the crucial importance of the sea turtle in the balance of the ecosystem and its benefits in controlling the overpopulation of this species.

sources: newsit.gr, Naxos Wildlife Protection

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  1. That’s amazing. The turtles must have developed a mechanism that protects their mouth and intestinal tract from the toxins of the jelly fish. The turtles and their habitats are under threat so the jelly fish can thrive. Restore their habitats and increase their popluation and the jelly fish numbers will become less. The warming of the seas however also contributes to their population increases.