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“Safe refuge” for boats: Port with no access to the sea in Athens Riviera (video)

This small port for boats in Athens Riviera is certainly one of the kind. The port between Floisvos and Batis in Palaio Faliro is closed from all sides, including the one to the sea. A literally “safe refuge” for small, hobby fishing boats.

When a team of UpDrones/Good Droning sent a drone to film this peculiar port, the boats were not there.

To team’s question, how can these boats get out of the port into the sea, some people who know the area well at the Batis/Eden beach of Palaio Faliro gave a disarming response:

“Owners carry the boats to the sea.”


“In the country we live everything is possible,” UpStories notes.

I can confirm this story. I’ve seen the boats there many times in summer and winter when I go for a walk to the area. I’ve seen many times that there is no open – at least, no visible ! lol – access to the sea. Only once I wondered: how the hell do the boats go in or out? I got no answer.

You can check it out, it is located between <Floisvos> and <Batis> tram stations.

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