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Health Minister: Coronavirus spike ” fully under control, no need for new measures”

Greece’s Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Wednesday that the coronavirus infections are “fully under control” and there is “no need for new protection measures.” The statements come a day after daily infections skyrocketed to 12,537, more than doubling in compare to the previous day, and health experts express concern saying the government rushed to suspend Covid-protection measures such as the use of masks indoors.

Asked on whether the lifting of the pandemic measures was done earlier due to the tourism season, the minister stated that “we are the last country in Europe to lift the measures”, noting that “the lifting of the measures has been done by all European countries, even those who have no dependence on tourism.”

Speaking to state broadcaster ERT, Plevris attributed the daily spike to the large number of tests, the increased number of tourists and the fact that there is greater mobility of the virus.

“The recommendation is when we are in places with intense crowding, we must wear a mask and take protection measures,” he said.

He said the national healthcare system is not under pressure and it is not expected that there will be an increase in hospitalizations during the summer months.

“We are monitoring the course of each wave. Where there was a wave in the summer months, it was basically milder, but there was no serious hospitalization,” he said adding “the Omicron subvariants do not have the same pressure on health system as the Delta mutation.”

Plevris argued bringing the examples of South Africa and Portugal.

Speaking about the hard indicators of the pandemic, ie deaths and intubations, Plevris claimed that “we have been in double digits for almost a year now,”

PS Minister Plevris has obviously erased from his memory the over 16,000 coronavirus deaths (out of 30,100 in total) in the last 6 months and that the number of intubations is in double digits only in the last 3-4 days.

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  1. In general, I don’t believe anything politicians say, but I especially don’t trust this guy. Any time I see him, I think about his neo-nazi far right leanings and dealings. He was the one who suggested that immigrants be shot or starved to death. I’ll never understand how he became the health minister.