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EU fines for illegal landfills in Greece keep piling up

Greece has paid some 66.5 million euros to the European Commission in fines since 2015 and is facing more penalties for failing to shut down and rehabilitate its illegal landfills. €

According to a recent report, there are still three illegal landfills operating in Greece – on the islands of Santorini, Hydra and Kalymnos – and 16 that have been closed but have not been rehabilitated, a process that entails a series of steps ensuring that the dump does not pose a public health and environmental hazard.

There also appear to be another 11 sites where dumps have been closed and rehabilitated, but are believed to be back in operation – illegally.

The Environment Ministry says that according to its plan, the country will be in full compliance with European Union waste management regulations by 2024. [kathimerini]

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  1. EU is using the millions in fines to wind up the landfills in question. The EU is not simply taking the fines and putting them in the general EU budget for use on other things….

  2. Anonymous from Kalymnos

    From Kalymnos – We are fined around 1000E every day (paid by central Govt. I believe). 730.000 Euro in the past 2 years – more than enough to pay for a recycling plant and everything that goes with it – but our Mayor – M.Diakomixalis – is beyond useless – the council have not even cleaned the roads this year for the summer season. We despair and cannot wait for the next Mayoral election…

  3. The throwing away of plastic into the cretan olive groves and countryside is appalling and completely backwards. No enforcement of the law, no one arrested or prosecuted, I despair at the sight of water bottles, coffee cups, plastic bags and animal grain hessian type bags. There are dustbins green and blue all over, its laziness and backwards to throw and leave rubbish that will ultimately poison the land. Don’t tell me you love Greece when you keep poisoning the land through choice.

    • Agreed. The Greek attitude to rubbish is appalling, they discard things anywhere and everywhere and couldn’t care less. If fly-tipping was an Olympic sport the Greeks would be gold medallists every time – you name it, old washing machines, tv’s, carpets, building rubbish, unwanted bathroom ceramics….all tipped over the edge of the road left to roll down the hillside into the sea. Recycling? Forget it!