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Greece Energy: Darker streets & monuments, rolling household outages

Greece’s government is getting ready for the worst energy scenario and plans to cut on natural gas consumption with darker streets and historical monuments as well as with rolling power outages for the households. This was announced by both the Energy minister Kostas Skrekas and deputy Finance minister Thodoros  Skylakakis over the weekend.

Skyalakakis told Skai TV, that we are closer to the worst scenario that of cutting Russian natural gas to Europe.


After this summer, it is highly likely that streets could become a little darker, historical monuments no longer bathed in artificial light throughout the night and households could face periodic outages, Skrekas told newspaper kathimerini.

The minister said that the measures described above are necessary if Europe is to cut its consumption of natural gas by 15% and could be needed, anyway, if Russia is to cut off natural gas supplies to Europe.

Before households are directly affected, municipalities will have to take the lamps out of 10% of their street lights and switch off lighting on monuments at 3 a.m.

Initially, the measures will be voluntary, but could become mandatory if not enough local authorities volunteer, Skrekas said.

“We must all understand that we cannot behave as if nothing’s happening around us,” the minister said. “There is a war that is destroying a country and is also feeding an energy crisis the likes of which we have never seen… we must all realize we cannot waste energy,” he said.

An extensive campaign to urge households to cut their energy consumption will take place. “Of course, the measure of last resort is an imposed consumption cut on household consumers through rolling blackouts… we cannot exclude anything.”

The government plans to support industries through these lean times, whether the European Union approves a support mechanism, as the government has requested, or not. But, in anticipation of the difficulties, industries have started to change the mix of fuels they use.

Consumption of natural gas by such companies in the first half of 2022 dropped 71.06% compared to the same period last year, to 1.67 terawatt-hours, and now natural gas accounts for only 5.51% of Greek industry’s fuel consumption.

Energy needs will be partially met by an increase in the production of lignite, or brown coal, a highly polluting source which Greece was supposed to be phasing out.

Public Power Corporation has been asked to more than double its electricity production. This will mean, first of all, the suspension of the phasing out of lignite for two or maybe three years and an immediate increase in production.

Skrekas explains that lignite would again become more important even without the mandated consumption cuts, as global energy prices have soared. “The need to cut the use of natural gas arises first of all from the fact that we import all of it,” he says.

Note that just ten days ago, Russia added Greece to the list of “unfriendly countries.”
*thumbnail: Acropolis in the dark during Earth Hour

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  1. It would be a good idea if people who rent out villas, houses & apartments to holiday makers thought twice about running lights and air con when not necessary, It seems to be the trend now to adorn properties with as many lights as possible and run them when the properties are locked up over winter…sheer waste of electricity.

    Swimming pool lights look pretty but are often left on all night off season…no need !!

  2. I thought we had our needs met, Has the government been lying to us? This 15% is for solidarity.. what are we going to do, ship 15% of our energy in solidarity with Germany?

    So many questions, but the only answer is that the EU is run by lying idiots

  3. When Europe was even thinking about becoming dependent on Russian gas, did nobody say “Hold on, what could possibly go wrong here”, because it seemed fairly obvious to me.

  4. michele lavender

    The humans need to realise that the amount of energy they need to function every single day is more than can be or is being produced even if Russia loved us,we have been kicking the can down the road but at the end of that road catastrophe awaits us.France has loaded itself with nuclear power stations from years back and Turkey is building one soon with the help of Russia.Greece will partner with Bulgaria to finish a Bulgarian nuclear power station that was started and not finished,with Greece sharing the energy from it.The filthy Lignite used up in North Greece again after being phased out is a disappointing step back into pollution.

  5. Not sure the sanctions are working, eh. I always thought the job of the state was to confuse the enemy not their own people.

  6. Oh look! It’s the Green New Deal hitting Europe now!! Funny how the people who said this would happen a long while ago are still being called conspiracy theorists…