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Femicide in Greece: 36-year-old woman slaughtered to death

Femicide in Greece: A 36-year-old woman from Bangladesh was found seriously injured on a street in Kypseli district of Athens early  Sunday afternoon. The woman was stabbed to death by her husband’s friend in front of her home.

The injured woman was still alive when police and paramedics arrived at the crime scene, alerted by neighbors. She was transferred to a hospital but succumbed to her injuries a little later.

According to media, the victim had very serious injuries in the abdomen, the hand and the cheek, caused by a knife.

Police quickly located the victim’s apartment and Following a tip by the victim’s husband, Greek police arrested the perpetrator, a compatriot of the victim, who repeatedly stabbed the woman in the middle of the street.

The arrestee has reportedly claimed that he had personal differences with the 36-year-old and her husband. He claimed further that the victim’s husband was long-time unemployed and she owed him 20,000 euros.

The 40-year-old man from Bangladesh said he had a relationship with the victim. He claimed that she “was making fun of him”, had promised him to divorce her husband but ultimately she asked him to break up.

He confessed to the murder and said that he did not regret it

“When she asked me to break up I asked her for my money. She refused to give it to me, my mind got blurred and I killed her, ” the man reportedly said.

He had bought the knife in downtown Athens, he also admitted.

The murder weapon was found in a garbage bin near the crime scene.

Both, victim and perpetrator were working in a factory in Athens, ERT reported.

It is the fourth femicide in Greece in the month of August.

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