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Thassos ferry services cancelled because captain was …drunk!

Three ferry services between the island of Thassos and Keramoti were cancelled on Sunday because the captain was drunk. He only allowed to undergo an alcohol test hours later, when he was sober.

Three itineraries on Keramoti – Thassos ferry line did nor run after 11:30 on Sunday morning, September 11, after the port authorities of the island were informed that the captain was drunk.

They conducted search on the ferry, however, captain did not respond to their calls.

When port authorities located him, he refused to undergo an alcohol test, local media reported..

Authorities ordered two itineraries from Thassos and one from Keramoti on the mainland to be halted.

Passengers reached their destination with other ships.

Hours later, the captain allowed an alcohol test, however, the test was negative.

The captain was arrested.

In its announcement, the Port Authority of Thassos noted, among others that “the captain was arrested at noon Sunday  for violation of article 233 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. 187/73, in conjunction with article 42 of the Civil Code.”

It added that “the Port Authority was informed about an incident of drunkenness of the above, while in repeated calls by the Coast Guard, as well as during a search for him onboard, he was unresponsive.”

The Central Port Authority in Kavala and in Thassos carry preliminary investigation on the issue.

On the occasion …a sailing classic 🙂

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