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“Common enemy” unites Greeks and Turks

An enemy appeared out of nowhere and in a rather surprise effect united Greeks and Turks without further saying. The said enemy is red and slimy and was found on a place where it should have never been: on a plate full of stuffed wine leaves.

The enemy has one and only name: Ketchup.

That’s right. Ketchup on stuffed wine leaves!!! Millions of Greeks and Turks could die a sudden death by brain stroke or heart attack just to see ketchup accompanying stuffed wine leaves.

ketchup on one of the most favorite dishes on the both sides of the Aegean Sea,the dolmadakia: wine leaves stuffed with rice, onions and spring onions, lots of fresh herbs, cooked in an broth of water, olive oil and lemon.

So what does this shiny and sticky red sauce is doing on dolmadakia? A true sacrilege!

The “common enemy” was spotted by Umut Acar, a Turkish diplomat, who also made a relevant post on Twitter, calling on Turks and Greeks to unite against the red enemy in sauce-form.

The majority of Greeks responded with humor, commenting stuff like “that’s pure evil”, “that’s a crime” or “Who puts Ketchup on sarma* for God’s sake!”

But others started to recall the historical Greek-Turkish animosity, Greesk recalled the 400 years of the Ottoman occupation, the division of Cyprus and this and that, while turks claimed they were occupied by the Byzantine empire and so on and so on….

I sided with the majority 🙂

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  1. Who puts Ketchup on anything, for Gods sake? It’s the devil’s food. But thank you for that information – now I know what to give Greeks who call in for dinner unexpectedly !!!

  2. It is like putting ketchup and mustard on a Pita Gyros! That is awful, tastes really bad!! Love the traditional one, the best lunch in the world! 😉

  3. Greeks need to get over their aversion to ketchup. Ketchup is life.

    • Ketchup is promoted by the Mac Donald’s monkeys who have to hide the taste of their so-called “food”.