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Mandatory Rapid Test for Unvaccinated Workers in Greece

Unvaccinated workers of the public and private sectors in Greece will be obliged to have one rapid test of Covid-19 once a week, the Health Ministry has ruled.

The rapid test for the uvaccinated workers remains mandatory until the end of the year, December 31, 2022.

The rapid test costs 6 euros and is at the cost of the employee.

Furthermore, employees in the private and private sector will be obliged to show the Digital Certificate of illness or vaccination or the negative rapid test.

The ruling is included in a bill to be voted in the Plenary Session of the Parliament, today, Thursday.

Among others, the bill also provides the continuation of the operation of vaccination centers as well as the vaccination at home by private doctors..

It should be recalled that the platform to book appointments for the newly arrived vaccines against Covid-19 Omicron variant BA.4 and BA.5, that is the 4th booster shot against the pandemic virus has opened since September27.

Vaccinations with Pfizer BA$ and BA 5 will start on upcoming Monday, October 3, 2022.

It should be noted that one cannot have the booster shots before the basic vaccination, that is one or two doses of vaccines depending on the type and company.

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  1. Can’t we just extend the the tourism season until April 2023 and be done with this nonsense.

  2. It is that time of year, lockdown season starts. Time to book flights and get out!

  3. Wow. Mandatory rapid test for unvaccinated, even though the vaccinated can also pass on the virus. Why? To push us to take a vaccine that is for extinct versions of the virus? And the new updated boosters aren’t even recommended for those who are healthy and under 60. Makes no sense which ever way you look at it. This is pure insanity.

  4. 100% in agreement with all of the above, in fact I think you’re being rather reserved in your comments this time. No talk yet for restarting the fines for the over 60’s ? Oh, I forgot, no one paid it anyway.

  5. The article doesn’t really make it clear what “unvaccinated” means? Does it mean people who haven’t had any COVID vaccine at all or does it mean people who haven’t had all the doses recommended for their demographic, e.g in my case 5 doses?

    While people who are vaccinated can and do pass on the virus they do so at a much lower rate than people who have had no vaccination at all. When you are trying to control spread that reduction in rate is important. If people want to argue that we shouldn’t vaccinate because it is not 100 % successful then on the same basis we would never do any medical treatment of any kind.

    It is also worth noting that earlier variants of the virus are still circulating. It’s just that Omicron BA4/5 have become the dominant variants in Europe because they have the highest infection rate. The other variants have not disappeared.

    • unvaccinated = unvaccinated

      • Respectfully I don’t think that answer is very helpful.

        It’s clearly not as simple as “unvaccinated = unvaccinated” There are many nuances, such as:

        – vax with no booster
        – vax with out of date booster
        – vax with all boosters up to date
        – no vax but government immunity certificate

        It would be great if you could offer any insight into these cases. Thanks

    • Where did you get the info, that vaccinated spread covid slower than unvaccinated?
      Your information is completely and scientifically wrong!
      Apparently, vaccinated people shed after receiving every injection. Making them more prone to spreading the spike protein and as unvaccinated can’t shed, where does the spreading of infection come from?
      I know of quite a few vaccinated, in the UK and Greece, that keep getting the virus, time and time again, but their unvaccinated family/friends, HAVEN’T had a sniffle! Despite being in the “thick of it”

    • Actually, it’s the degree of symptoms that determine the rate of transmitting the virus, regardless of vaccination status. A vaccine that is not effective for the current variants won’t do much at preventing the transmission of them anyway. The main argument of those not vaccinating is not that it isn’t 100% effective. It’s that the vaccine is not proven safe, is still not approved, testing is still not complete, is a new technology, and more and more support is appearing for severe risks. The earlier variants that the vaccine IS effective for, are so rare now (if not mutated out of existence) that it doesn’t make sense to be pressured into taking it, taking all of the above into consideration. The benefits clearly do not outweigh the risks. So again, taking a weekly rapid test of the unvaccinated (which is inaccurate anyway, same as pcr), does not do much to prevent the spread.

  6. Anyone know when your vaccination is considered expired? I had the booster shot 7 months ago. I’ve been around so many Covid cases this summer, and still holding strong, unbelievably. I keep thinking maybe all that exposure increases immunity, but I really have no clue.

    • Exposure and vitamin D (sunshine / beach) help immunity. Time to start taking Vit D as the days get shorter. Dr Fauci takes 6000iu a day :-)))))