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Third female MP resigns from Varoufakis’ MeRA25

An MP from MeRA25, the left-wing party of former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, announced on Monday she was leaving its parliamentary group.

Fotini Bakadima, who represents the second constituency of Piraeus, said she would continue to sit in Parliament as an independent MP.

IN her resignation letter, Bakadima reportedly accused the party of “authoritarianism” and lack of democratic procedures.”

After Aggeliki Adamopoulou (Athens, March 2022) and Konstantina Adamou (Thessaloniki, July 2021), Bakadima is the third female MeRA25 MP to resign since the elections of 2019, thus using more or less the same arguments, state broadcaster ERT and other media reported.

The party is now down to six deputies. A minimum of six MPs is needed to form a parliamentary group.

Responding to her decision, the party issued a statement saying that Bakadima “has chosen to abstain from the battles… at a time when MeRa25 is under an all-out attack from the oligarchs.”

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