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Greece expanding territorial waters is “call to war,” says Erdogan’s gov’t partner

Leader of the Nationalist Movement (MHP) and government partner of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Devlet Bakhceli, threatened Greece with war if it expands its territorial waters.

It will be a “call to war” if Greece expands it territorial water, Bahceli said on Tuesday in a speech to his party’s parliamentary group.

He lashed out at Greek foreign Minister Nikos Dendias saying:

“There is no question of any retreat in the face of Greece’s abusive, threatening and destructive policy towards Turkey. It is audacity and playing with fire for the Greek foreign minister to express an intention to expand the territorial waters of his country. It is also absurd and a distortion of the data, when this minister oversteps his bounds and accuses Turkey of intimidation and fraudulent behavior.”

He added “Greece’s aim to increase its territorial waters beyond 6 miles is a call to war, a challenge to cowardice. Come on, let them dare to extend their territorial waters to 6 [sic] miles and we’ll see. We will see who is stronger. So let’s be witnesses together. We do not allow our rights to be violated. With Allah’s permission, we will not allow any occupation that goes against international law,” said the government partner in Turkey.

Regarding Cyprus, the nationalist party leader said “Cyprus is Turkish” and raising his hand showing his ring with the whole of Cyprus …red.

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