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Russia: Delivery of Greece’s S-300s to Ukraine “very provocative”

Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated on Monday that a potential delivery of Greece’s S-300 PMU1 missile defense system to Ukraine would be considered a very provocative move.

“We consider plans to supply the Kyiv regime with S-300s or other Russian/Soviet air defense systems that will be used against Russia very provocative,” stated Zakharova.

“The Greek authorities recently underlined their readiness to supply Ukraine with the S-300 PMU1 missile defense system, on condition of receiving additionally American Patriot missile defense systems to replace them,” she added.

“There is a complete indifference by Greece on the international limitations on arms trading,” she concluded, stating that the Russian armed forces will locate and destroy all military supplies sent to Ukraine.

Zakharova’s statements come after (unconfirmed!) reports that Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos claimed that the Greek government is ready to send S-300 air defense systems from Crete to Ukraine if the US ” install Patriot systems in their place.”

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  1. what will it cost for us to ‘give’ s300’s and then replace them with Patriot? This is disgusting, no one seems to be bothered by all this.

    • What will it cost you when Russia knocks on the door to Greece because you did not give the help to stop them???? Think you would regret you did not help Ukraine then!!!!