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Greece launches platform for consumers to submit complaints

Greece’s Development and Investment Ministry launched the digital platform, where consumers can submit complaints, in order to more effectively control phenomena such as overcharging, fake discounts and other violations at the expense of consumers in the market.

Complaints from consumers can be made on that platform concerning infringements within Greece, within the European Union or even outside the EU.

Complaints submitted by named individuals will be considered a priority over anonymous complaints.

The platform offers a choice of seven different categories on which consumers can submit a complaint, either giving their name or anonymously: Consumer goods, services, banking services, insurance and other financial services, debtor information companies, debt settlement and personal data protection.

Complaints may concern consumer goods, such as foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food supplements etc, but also food safety issues, rules of commerce (weight, misleading advertising, law interpretation), as well as counterfeit products, personal data protection services, and other matters.

Complaints platform website is here.

PS time to brush up your Greek as the website is in Greek only.

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