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First poll in 2023: Difference ND-SYRIZA below 7%

In the first public opinion poll for 2023, the difference between ruling conservative New Democracy and main opposition party, left-wing SYRIZA has fallen below 7 percent, as the price hikes keep bothering the Greek public.

According to ALCO conducte don behalf of Alpha TV, the difference between ND and SYRIZA is 6.9 points.

A rise for New Democracy and SYRIZA and losses for PASOK have been recorded in the first major poll for 2023.

With the difference between the first two parties at 6.9%, PASOK seems to be losing in preference with 10.7% and a loss of 0.7% compared to previous poll.

KKE maintains more or less the same percentage. It is interesting that both the Greek Solution and MeRA25 show a rise, and so does the party of Golden Dawn convict Kassidiaris what gains 2.6%. Note that the government is preparing a legislation to prohibit a convict for participating in elections rally.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis maintains a large lead of 10%, with an increase of two points – over Alexis Tsipras (an increase of one point) in the question of which political leader the citizens trust as prime minister.

For PASOK’s Nikos Androulakis the preference is at 7%.

“None” said 23%.

Characteristic of the psychology of the electorate is the fact that one in five voters declares that they will vote for a different party compared to 2019.

47% of voters say they will vote for the “least bad” party, while 41% say they will vote for the one they consider better. 62% of ND voters say they will vote for it as “the best party”, which is true for 44% of the SYRIZA voters and only 23% for PASOK voters.

The main criterion of the vote remains economy and the prices: ALCO asked respondents to state one – and only – criterion for their vote.

28% answered “the economy” and 24% “society support measures” for the cost of living, 13% focused on corruption, 11% on national issues and only 9% talked about the party’s ideology and the leader’s personality.

Just one in four described the application of simple proportionality as an opportunity to express protest – meaning that at the start of the election battle, voters overwhelmingly see the polls as a process of electing a government, with all that implies for their selections in the second round, which will be done with the system of enhanced proportionality.

It is noted that more than one in two voters consider the “household basket” helps in one way or another.

The poll was conducted 9-13 January among 1002 people over 17 years old nationwide.

Although PM Mitsotakis has practically started ND’s pre-election campaign, he has not officially declared the date of the parliamentary elections. he has just vaguely said that the first round won’t be before April.

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