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Over 27.8 million tourists visited Greece in 2022

Over 27.8 million tourists visited Greece in 2022. Travel receipts reached 17.6 billion euros. Average expenditure per trip was 618 euros from 702.4 euros in 2021, data of the Bank of Greece showed.

Which countries did most tourists come from?

Inbound travel traffic to Greece in 2022 amounted to 27.8 million, showing an increase of 89.3% compared to 2021 which had reached 14.7 million, according to data published by the Bank of Greece.

In contrast, the average expenditure per trip of tourists decreased by 11.9%, reaching 618.8 euros from 702.4 euros in 2021.

Travel traffic through airports in 2022 increased by 81.5%, while that through road stations by 133.1%. T

ravel traffic from EU-27 countries reached 17 million travellers, showing an increase of 67.9% compared to 2021, while travel traffic from non-EU-27 countries increased by 136.6% and reached 10.84 million travellers. Travel traffic from euro area countries rose by 57.2% and that from EU-27 countries outside the euro area by 96.4%.

Traffic from Germany showed a rise of 45% to 4.35 million travellers, as well as from France by 49.6% to 1.76 million visitors. In relation to countries outside the EU‑27. Traffic from the United Kingdom increased by 181.9% to 4.48 million holidaymakers and that from the USA by 174.9% to 1.09 million travellers. Finally, traffic from Russia decreased by 69.8% and amounted to 36.1 thousand travellers.

The inbound traffic last December amounted to 580.1 thousand travelers, a 52.5% rise compared to the corresponding month of 2021.

The travel traffic through airports increased by 43.3% compared to December 2021; and through road border stations by 77.1%.

The increase in inbound travel traffic came from a rise in traffic from both EU-27 countries by 44.6% and from non-EU-27 countries by 58.1%. In more detail, the travel traffic from the countries of the euro area amounted to 163 thousand travellers, an increase of 27.6%. Travel traffic from the EU-27 countries outside the eurozone also showed an increase of 113.2%, which amounted to 67.6 thousand travellers.

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