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Greece’s Transport Minister resigns following deadly train crash

Greece’s Infrastructure and Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis submitted his resignation on Wednesday afternoon, 17 hours after the deadly train tragedy in Tempi. His resignation comes following public fury and immense pressure on social media and thus as elections near.

Karamanlis submitted his resignation after he returned from a visit to the train crash site.

Τραγωδία στα Τέμπη: Παραιτήθηκε ο Κώστας Καραμανλής

“It is not possible to carry on as if it did not happen,” Karamanlis said in his resignation statement among others.

“I have just returned from the scene of the train tragedy in Tempi. The pain is indescribable,” he wrote.

He added that “it is a fact that we received the Greek railway in a state that does not suit the 21st century. In these 3.5 years, we made every effort to improve this reality. Unfortunately, these efforts were not enough to prevent such an accident. And this is very heavy for all of us and for me personally.”

Apart from Karamanlis’ personal “pain” fact is that he turned away train workers repeatedly warning of the upcoming tragedy due to lack of modernization and maintenance in the rail network.

It is worth noting that mainstream media, TV channels that is, have invited train unionists including drivers to speak about the causes of the crash. They all stressed that they have warned the Ministry several times, and with a open statement on February 7, 2023.

PS that a minister resigns does not clear him of any responsibility.

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