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“Call me when you arrive”: School children pay tribute to train crash victims

“Call me when you arrive” A phrase many parents tell their children before they leave for a trip. Using their back-bags as tool and the school yard as background, students several schools across the country pay tribute to all the young people who found a tragic death in the train crash on Tuesday night.

This phrase is now particularly heartbreaking as it symbolically expresses symbolically the agony of the students’ parents who have not given up hope that their child is still alive, after all.

In other schools, students “wrote” Send when you arrive, Tempi, and It was crime


In Neo Irakleio in western Attica, students formed another phrase Greek parents ask when children come from a trip.: “Did you arrive?”

I can very well recall when my mum used to ask me “Did you arrive?” when I would return from a holiday trip – and me, a silly young one, ιmpertinently responding “No!”

I have friends in Thessaloniki who have been waiting with their eyes on the phone screen for a call by their beloved child. A call that will never come.

And I have friends who have friends in the North who will never be challenged by a youngster claiming loud that he did not arrive, while he did…

Two days after the tragedy with officially 57 killed and there is still no announcement on the number of missing.

Eighty percent of the dead are aged 18 to 30.

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