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Greece to start safety checks at fixed-track means, ferries and at airports

With the Greek government on highest alert after the train collision and several denouncements and warnings by workers at public transport means, ships and regional airports are to undergo thorough and intensive safety checks.

This is what media report on Tuesday citing a meeting between PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis with shipping Minister and the head of the Coast Guard. At the same time, the Deputy

Deputy Transport Minister is to begin a series of contacts with representatives of airports and of fixed-track public transport means (Metro, urban train, Tram) aiming at extraordinary inspections for the safety of transportation.

The checks reportedly regard public transport means within the city, at airports and ports.

“It is indicative that in view of the start of the tourist season this need becomes even more imperative,” notes newspaper protothema.

But how about public transport mean used by Greeks? The intercity KTEL buses and the public buses?


Public Bus 86 Thessaloniki-Lagadas on March 6: a technical failure filled the bus with smoke, doors were locked and could not be opened, passengers in panic broke the windows to get out, reports daily

“Maintenance” is the magic word before the sh*t reach the sock.

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  1. People have to die before the government realizes “oh we need to start safety checks”? This country is way behind from the rest of Europe. Still living in the middle ages. What a shame! Useless government.

  2. Same old, same old shut the stable door after the horse has bolted

  3. This will be a great comfort to the families of the victims of this tragedy