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White tiger cub dumped outside the Attica Zoo Park (video)

A white tiger cub was dumped in a garbage bin outside the Attica Zoo Park in western Athens. The 4-momth-old female cub has been malnourished with serious health problems and is paralyzed from the waist downward, media report on Wednesday.

Authorities suspect that the white tiger baby is victim of illegal trade in wild animals.

The animal has come to Greece illegally, while according to the Attica park experts its health condition is bad and is disabled from the waist down.


Speaking to, the founder of the Attica Park said that the cub was found under the garbage bin outside the park by the municipality cleaners early Tuesday morning, February 28, 2023.

He added that they immediately notified the police in Spata, the forest office and the regional authorities.


“Until now no one knows where the animal came from or how it got to that particular spot. The animal is unfortunately disabled, it is a baby of about 3 to 4 months, female. We have examined it and its health condition is bad,” the founder said.

He asserted that the owner of the animal must have abandoned it on Monday afternoon at the specific spot. Security cameras in night operation did not show any evidence, neither any security guard saw any suspicious movement.

There is strong suspicion that the cub was brought illegally to Greece by people with no idea how to raise it.

“Her bad health condition comes mainly from bad nutrition, she hasn’t had the right vitamins, milk, or any sun light. On one of hers legs, it seems that they tried to do a rough operation, but the main problem is that from the waist down the animal is disabled.”

X-rays showed that part of the animal’s bones are not visible, they are non-existent. In general, the animal is miserable and we don’t know how long it will live.

“Whoever brought it …I really don’t know what he might have been thinking. We are not talking about a white beautiful kitten, but about a white tiger, which can weigh over 180 kilograms and is two meters long,” the Attica Zoo Park founder stressed.

PS My Kitty said she wishes the tiger cub makes it through to become a disabled but otherwise healthy and big adult and eat everybody…

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  1. Your cat is wise, as always! Poor beautiful creature, to be so mishandled during her short life! I really hope they can save her life and, as your cat wishes, she will be able to bite the former “owners” hard! How come some humans think they can treat wild animals like this? Wild animals belong in nature, not in cages!!! Horrible!

  2. Absolutely dreadful to read this. What the hell??
    I hope the police find who is responsible and they are punished. I pray the little cub makes it, lots of love and care by the right people is needed.
    By the way, your Kitty is spot on, hope she grows big and eats nasty humans!!

  3. Agree with Kitty, wise cat. 🐾

  4. This little one has known only pain.
    Now, if her life is to soon end, may she at least know the love and comfort of strangers.

  5. How can we help? Like in donate and to which number?