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Crete: Woman who hits elderly dog and drives away released from custody

The 63-year-old woman who hit a dog with her car on the island of Crete on Holy Thursday was released restrictive conditions after testifying to an investigating magistrate.

The Russian national must report once a month at a local police station and pay a bail of €1,500. She is also prohibited from leaving the country.

At the same time, a criminal prosecution has been brought against her in the degree of a felony, reports local media cretapost on Tuesday.

It is recalled that the 63-year-old driver, a permanent resident in the area Pateles by Heraklio, coldly stepped on the dog with her car and drove away. However, the incident was recorded by a street camera.

Shocking Video:

The 12-year-old dog has been suffered multiple injuries in the abdomen, a leg and on his head. He underwent surgery and remains in the vet clinic. His life is not in danger.

It is worth noting that the woman was fined with an administrative fine of 40,500 euros for willfully injuring and causing bodily harm to a pet thus.violating the Pet Welfare Legislation.

A fine of 200 euros was also imposed on the owner of the animal because the dog was out without a leash. The dog owner was walking to her own car to oick up something and the dog had followed her.

It was the dog owner who reported the driver to the authorities, saying that  the motorist deliberately drove over the animal, in an incident that was recorded on security camera.

The motorist reportedly claimed that she first saw the dog but she assumed he had left when she didn’t see him anymore.

She was arrested and spent the Orthodox Easter in custody.

PS It would be interesting to see how many of these huge administrative fines are indeed being paid.

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