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Evros fence as tourist attraction? Great interest by Greeks & foreigners (POLL)

The Evros fence that prohibits migrants from illegally entering Greece from its north-easter border with Turkey has become an attraction for tourists. There is a big interest by Greeks and foreigners to visit the ‘site’ and travel agents ask to guide visitors there.

Tourist agents in Athens, as well as offices that organize excursions to Evros in north-eastern Greece, have reportedly informed their partners in the Evros region, that there is a constantly increasing interest from Greeks and foreigners who intend to come to the prefecture in groups, to visit the fence in the area of Fera.

They now consider the fence in Evros as an… attraction that they would like to see in person, local news website reported in an exclusive report.

Professionals in the field of tourism do not find a problem in the instrumentation of anti-immigration policy and tourists’ visit to the fence of 27 km along the Greek-Turkish border.

“We have been impressed by the fact that in our professional discussions or communications with the travel agencies and tourist agents of Athens and Thessaloniki, even the top ones, they raise the issue of visiting and guiding the tourists who come through Evros, to the new fence. There are some issues, mainly of permits, access and the possibility of being present in the area that is on the Greek-Turkish border, but a solution should be found and the opportunity given to make a place visitable. Why not?”a representative of one of the major tourist offices in Athens told

In the report it is also emphasized that in the recent meeting held in the municipality of Alexandroupolis at the initiative of the mayor Yiannis Zamboukis on Wednesday 19.04.2023 at the city hall of Alexandroupolis for safe access to the Evros Delta, reference was made to this specific issue.

Participants expressed their interest, which has already been expressed by travel agencies in many directions, to bring visitors for a guided tour of the fence area.

Mayor Zamboukis informed the representative of the XII Alexandroupolis Division who participated in the meeting, since it is the responsibility of the Army to grant permission to the specific areas for visits, of the ever-increasing interest.

He even asked him to transfer the issue to the central level, not only to the military but also to the political leadership, in order to find a solution and at some point of the fence, in the area of Poros or somewhere else, there should be the possibility of visits by travelers.

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