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Diagnostic centers demand that pharmacies no longer perform Rapid Tests for Covid-19

Diagnostic Centers and Polyclinics in Greece demand that pharmacies will no longer carry out Rapid Tests for Covid-19.

They sent a letter with their request to Health Minister, Thanos Plevris, reportedly saying among others that “the emergency measure due to the coronavirus pandemic, which enables rapid tests to be carried out in private pharmacies, be abolished.”

The state of emergency that arose due to the coronavirus pandemic has now ended and requests that the rapid tests for COVID-19 be carried out only by the Diagnostic Centers.

They stress that “the performance of such medical procedures is the responsibility of doctors and as such must remain after the end of the emergency measures that had been taken due to the spread of the coronavirus.”

In their letter they also note that the relevant ministerial decision expired on April 18 and demand that it will not be extended from May 1, 2023.

It should be recalled that the Health Ministry has cancelled rapid tests carried out in public places free of charge.

Note that in Greek reality:

  • pharmacies carry out a rapid Test at 6.50 euros, while diagnostic centers and private clinics charge 10 euros.
  • In diagnostic centers and private clinics it is nursing personnel that carries out and evaluates the Rapid tests.

Furthermore, as diagnostic centers are not just around the corner as pharmacies are, one will have to add additional charges for transport, especially those with chronic health issues in therapies that need frequent testing.

Covid-19 infections week April 17-23 – EODY data

comparison with previous week

*Test +12%
*infection +47% (!), 14,686 total, 2,098/day
*Reinfections 41%
*Positivity +31% (6.3%)
*Hospital admission +15%, 813 total, 116/day)
*Intubated +12% (64)
*Deaths** -4% (43 total, 6/day)

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  1. michele lavender

    I think the diagnostic lot are too greedy,when I have a test paper from my public health doctor for tests like Xray where I pay only a small amount I phone for an appointment at the diagnostic center,they say…we dont have any appointments for three months but if you pay TWENTY EURO you can come tomorrow,how strange,so they are side-stepping my authorised paper in which I can use a diagnostic center,are they devils…yes

    • keeptalkinggreece

      that’s the deal apparently with EOPY that gives few appointments per month to diagnostic centers/private clinics to carry out tests/labs/screening etc that EOPY pays them. Full pay by patient=lots of appointments. “Cooperation with public/private sector in health sector”, gov’t calls it. Guess who’s winner or loser, when in public health sector appointments are rare too.