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Fire season starts in Greece: What to do and avoid

The fire season in Greece starts on Monday, May 1, and lasts until October 31, 2023 and the Civil Protection mechanism is in full readiness the institution ηασ has announced.

The strategic planning is based on the new doctrine of Prevention, Preparation/Readiness in combination with the Immediate Response to emergencies and in the context of the relevant preparation, numerous, wide-ranging meetings have been held at the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection since the beginning of the year.

The aim of the intensive and timely preparation, which this year began earlier than ever, is the operational readiness of the Fire Brigade and the optimal coordination with the aim of even more effective cooperation of all the relevant bodies: Armed Forces, Hellenic Police, Coast Guard, Ambulance EKAV, Forestry Services , Local Government and Volunteers.

For the immediate and coordinated response of the involved bodies at central, regional and local level, the General Secretariat of Civil Protection issued a few days ago the 5th Edition of the General Plan for Confronting Emergencies due to Forest Fires “IOLAOS 2”.

Fire Hazard Forecast Map 1/5/2023
The “IOLAOS 2” General Plan foresees, among other things, the issuance of the Daily Fire Risk Prediction Map throughout the fire season. The Map is an integral part of forest fire response planning, it is issued daily by the National Forestry Authority -starting this year from today, Sunday, April 30- and is valid for the day following its issue. There are five categories of risk that can be shown on the Map:

/ Green – Low
/ Blue – Medium
/ Yellow – High
/ Orange – Very high
/ Red – ALARM condition

The main objective of issuing the Charter is to inform the bodies involved in dealing with forest fires about the areas in which there is a high risk of occurrence and spread of forest fires in the next 24 hours, in order to put them in a state of civil protection readiness and to deal immediately and together any forest fire outbreaks. It also contributes decisively to the information and awareness of citizens to prevent the start of forest fires by negligence.

We can follow the Fire Danger Forecast Map daily on the Department of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection website and on Department and Fire Service social media.

! Throughout the fire season!

– We are very careful and avoid any outdoor activity that could cause a fire

– In case we notice a fire:

Call the Fire Department IMMEDIATELY on 199 or 112 and give clear information about:
The location and the exact spot where we are
The exact location and direction of the fire
The intensity of the wind in the area and
The type of vegetation that burns
We are moving away from the area immediately
We facilitate the access of the fire brigade
We faithfully follow the instructions of the competent authorities
– We follow simple prevention and self-protection instructions from forest fires.

! We remember: We do not light a fire during the fire season!


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