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Evros: A caravan of 135 migrants incl 53 children crossed into Greece

A caravan with over 130 migrants was detected by Greek border guards near the village of Nea Vyssa near the Evros river, the natural border with Turkey, in an area where there is no border fence.

A total of 135 immigrants illegally crossed on foot from Turkey to Evros and were detected on Thursday afternoon. Among them are 50 men, 32 women and 53 children, state broadcaster ERT reported from the area.

They told authorities that they are of Syrian origin.

Men, women and children were initially left on a Turkish islet at the height of Nea Vyssa by army guards and they in turn, due to the low water level, walked over to Greek territory.

According to media, Greek border guards initially eye-witnessed  Turkish military guards literally pushing the migrants to enter Greek territory and forcibly pushed them to a Greek islet in the river Evros.

The Greek border guards who became aware of the incident shouted to the Turks to stop and return the migrants, but in vain.

Due to the low water level in Evros river, the group managed to walk over to Greek territory.

So far, the majority of the people have been transported safely and around 10 more are waiting for their transfer.

Also ambulances were deployed to the Greek side of the river to provide first aid to those in need.

After their registration, they can be transferred to structures hosting migrants, local media reported.

Greek authorities in the area have been set on alert  fearing a new “hybrid war” initiated by Turkey as in February and March 2020.

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