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Civic mobilization hinders auctions of four families’ homes

Four families in Attica will keep their homes thanks to a mobilization carried out on Wednesday morning by unions and organizations at the initiative of the PAME Committee against auctions.

Two of the four families are single-parent ones, and furthermore one has a member with disabilities.

Dozens of activists gathered outside the funds company “Intrum” in central Athens and demanded from the management a debt settlement with such conditions that the debtors can pay it.

“The intransigence of the companies is broken with the struggle and struggle of the people” said Valsamos Syrigos, on behalf of the PAME Committee against auctions.

The PAME Commission against auctions, a member of communist KKE party, called for the struggle to continue.

Several other unions of professional, workers at municipalities and students organizations took part in the mobilization with the protesting crowd to have moved outside the offices of another funds company later on.

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  1. Unfortunately these loans are now in the hands of vulture funds, if the govt police courts etc don’t enforce the evictions and auctions, these companies will go to court against the government and get paid in full for what they have paid pennies on the dollar.