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Train with 400 passengers on board stuck in tunnel for several hours

A train with 400 passengers got stuck in a tunnel in Fthiotida, Central Greece on Thursday, the managing company Hellenic Train.  Unions of workers at the trains denounce that the safety problems remain, still four months after the tragedy at Tempi when two trains collided killing 57 people, injuring dozens.

Inconvenience for the approximately 400 passengers of Intercity 53, when due to a breakdown the train stopped inside a 6.5 kilometer long twin tunnel, between Domokos and Lianokladi. and the passengers had to stay in the darkness.

Intercity train 53 from Thessaloniki to Athens was stuck in the tunnel Othrys near Styrfaks from 10:15 a,m, until around 12:45 noon on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

The train stopped due to a mechanical failure, and passengers were greatly concerned as the train plunged into darkness.

Musician Sponty who was on board tweeted:
“The rotten train of Hellenic Train suddenly broke down in a tunnel near Lianokladi. We have been waiting for 1.5 hours. Hellenic Train, after the murder of the 57 passengers in Tempe, still follows the policy “let’s go wherever it takes us.”

Fortunately, however, the tunnel lights were working normally according to workers of the infrastructure managing company OSE.

Firefighters rushed to the area.

Until 14:15 in the afternoon the train had been approached and “tied” by engines from Lianokladi, however, all this time the passengers were in the dark and for this reason an operation was set up by the Fire Department to approach them and offer them water and any other help.

At the same time, the alarm in Police and ambulance service of the Lamia hospital was called off, local media reported.

Both services were on alert in case a passenger needed help.

What Hellenic Train announced

“Hellenic Train informs the passenger public that today, Thursday, June 29, at 12:45, train 53, running the Thessaloniki-Athens route, stopped due to a technical problem in the “Othrys” tunnel, on the descent line. This is the 6.5 kilometer long twin tunnel, between Domokos and Lianokladi.

At 13.00 the Traffic Monitoring Center of Hellenic Train was informed and reserve engines from Lianokladi were immediately mobilized in order to transport the train to Lianokladi Railway Station.

The train carries 325 passengers, who are updated with regular announcements by the company’s staff.

Due to a falling pantograph, there was a loss of air conditioning and lighting for a short time, however the reserve engines have already connected with the stalled train, restoring the air conditioning and lighting functions and the train is on its way to Lianokladi.”

Member of the Board of Directors of

OSE workers’s union:: safety problems remain

Member of the Board of Directors ofOSe workers’ union Giorgos Manolis told local media that a new court order was sent to the management of Hellenic Train of TRENOSE and the Ministry of Transport, as the problems of interruptions in the electrification of the trains, or the outdated rolling stock with the doors opening on the carriages, they remain…

Last week another 600 Hellenic Train passengers were stranded outside Thessalonki due to a mechanical failure.

PS Is it too much to ask for safe transportation? Apparently it is. Unless we start traveling with Rafale…

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