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Canadair crash in Evia: Death of two pilots confirmed (video)

A water-dropping aircraft Canadair has crashed near Karystos, in south Evia, a few minutes before 3 0 clock early Tuesday afternoon.

The Canadair CL215 was operating against the wildfire in the area.

In statement released at 6 p.m., Greece’s General Staff officially announced the death of the aircraft captain and co-pilot, 34 and 27 years old respectively.

Christos Moulas, 37, and Periklis Stefanidis, 27.

The aircraft crashed in the Isiommata area, in a ravine that leads to the village of Platanistos.

Firefighters and police forces rushed to the spot seeking for the two pilots and to extinguished the fire caused by the crash.

Canadair Crash video via state ERT TV

Evaluating the video, experts told media that after the CANADAIR dropped water and made a maneuver to leave the area, its right wing struck a tree or bush, the right float was detached, which increased the aircraft’s right bank and impacted the ground.

An expert on Aviation accidents told media that this CANADAIR was built in 1976-1978. Note that the company no longer produces such aircraft.

In an earlier statement, the General Staff of Aviation said that the crash occurred at 14:52, with a crew of two Airmen, 34 and 26 years old respectively, of the 355th Tactical Transport Squadron of the 112th Fighter Wing stationed in Elefsina, western Attica.

The plane was lost form the radar and was spotted by a patrol helicopter.

An explosion was heard.

According to information of newspaper, the Canadair crashed after it dropped water in the wildfire in the area and fell in an inaccessible place, so it is difficult for the Firemen and the police to reach the scene.

A very loud explosion was heard and at this time an attempt is being made to communicate with its two operators, which up to this time has not been possible.

The Greek General Staff has declared a 3-day national mourning.

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  1. I don’t think you should have this video on your site.

  2. Why not??? These heroes gave their lives in support for society, a society in pain and agony! The event is painful to watch but their families are in much more pain. They will never meet their loved ones again, that is heartbreaking! Nevertheless, they know the dangers of firefighting, yet they continued to fight! True heroes of Greece!

    • How would you feel if you were family, colleagues or friends?
      Not to say they weren’t heroes, pr that we shouldn’t talk about why we are still using 1970s technology in dangerous work conditions.

  3. RIP. What a brave men.