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Greek-Canadians fined for ignoring hiking ban, prompting rescue operation (video)

Two Greek-Canadians were fined after they ignored heatwave bans and went hiking to Samaria Gorge on the island of Crete. They got lost and exhausted and prompted a major rescue operation.

The two young men, both 25 years old, ignored the hiking trhough the Samaria gorge ban on passage due to the heatwave.

They started a dangerous hike on Saturday, July 22, bypassing the normal path from Xyloskalos to the gorge, following the path to Gigilo, given the ban.

At one point they wanted to leave the path and go down in order to see, as they said, the river, as a result of which they were immobilize don some rocks and their lives were in danger.

Rescue Video

The major rescue operation was set up with the assistance of a Super Puma helicopter of the Air Force, a Navy helicopter, forces of the Fire Service of Chania and the rescuers of the EMAK of Crete, in order to be released from a difficult place in the gorge of Samaria.

Thetwo Greek-Canadians were rescued on Sunday afternoon and were taken with ambulances to the hospital of Chania, local media reported.

The Fire Service imposed a fine of 300 euros to each young men, based on a Ministerial Decision of 2022 par. 4, regarding “violations of the prohibitions of passage in canyons, forests, etc., when adverse weather conditions prevail.”

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  1. Only 300 Euro each? Surely it cost more than that to rescue these idiots.

  2. Should have been at least E30,000 each.

  3. Very irresponsible of them.What is the matter with people!!

  4. What disrespectful and shameless behaviour. And, they have the cheek to smile broadly for the camera. There is no way that 600 euros could possibly cover the cost of dispatching a helicopter and deploying a rescue team. Shame on them.

  5. I think these guys got lost on purpose so they could cornhole each other in the woods. That’s why they’re so happy in the picture