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Some Greeks queue for IDs fearing digital ones will make 24/7 tracking possible

They stay up all night outside the police station to get IDs before the digital ones come out in September as scheduled. Many believe the digital IDs will have a microchip to track their holders on 24/7 basis.

According to local media, residents of Kozani in western Macedonia, form long queues outside the police station seeking to have a new ID card issued before the digital ones.

Some of them… spent the night at the entrance of the police station, arriving at 1:00 and 2:00 o’ clock in the morning, in order to be first in the queue when the ID department opens.

Local news website speaks of a “ridiculous situation” as those seeking a  new ID in old format believe that the microchip will identify the ID owner and his moves at any time.

Among those are also people who have a real need to issue an ID, either because they wish to travel to foreign countries or because they have lost their old ones.

Queues for new ID is not unique to Kozani.

The same phenomenon has been seen also in Patras, western Peloponnese, where dozens of people have been queuing waiting for the issue of a new identity card, so local media

The rush for old IDs did not come from the water local drink but it is the Greek Church vehemently resisting the digital IDs. Thousands of supporters had staged massive protests in the early 1990’s speaking against the abolition of “Religion” from the IDs or demanded that no ID bears the number “666” which they consider as the “number of Satan.”

Church news websites cite religious Elders including St. Paisios, monks in Mt Athos and other hardcore clergy who had allegedly spoken against new IDs.

Several Greek Orthodox associations issued a joint statement beginning of august 2023 in which they stated among others:

The Orthodox Christian Associations from all over Greece who sign this text, express their strong protest to the Greek Government, for the announced release of electronic (digital) identities from next September, after about 40 years of constant popular disapproval and rejection of similar governmental efforts.

As faithful members of the Church, we remain committed to the synodal decisions of the Church of Greece (1993, 2626/1997, 2641/1998) and to the legacy of the contemporary venerable and holy Elders, who advised us not to receive any such identity, with the which, as we explain below, we surely surrender our God-given freedom to the digital state.

We remind you that the Holy Synod in its announcement on November 17, 2010 explained that “the Church is obliged to protect the freedom of the person and to defend the integrity of the faith. Therefore: a) the “Citizen’s Card” must not contain in any way, visible or invisible, the number “666” b) it must also in no way violate personal liberties”.

The inadmissibility of the violation of personal liberties from the imposition of electronic identity is inevitable, as its direct consequences are numbering, the digital file, and above all the omnipotence of the state vis-à-vis the citizen, who, as other commercial digital applications have shown us, easily succumbs to surrendering his life and liberty, for a little digital convenience.

It is technologically proven that the tracking of each person’s actions, and the possibility of activating their monitoring, either with the identity itself through any identification points, or with the parallel use of mobile phone applications such as “COVID-pass” or “ Wallet”, lays the foundation for 24-hour citizen monitoring.”

PS I guess it is their right to want to avoid such devil’s tools like ‘data mining’ but at the same time I suppose that they all use bank cards and social media, even e-banking without any problem or fear of God and the Christian Orthodox Church.

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  1. Digital IDs with microchip have biometric data. Fingerprints, retina, face, skull dimensions… It gets uploaded to international database. It is possible to track owners of such ID using cameras and real time face recognition.

    Old IDs (where you bring your own photo, do not share data this way.

    Migrants that ever had digital IDs, will never again play trick with “I lost my passport”!!!

    I am programmer who deals with data protection and payments. Not some nutjobs.

    • Facial ID is simply a dataset of dimensions built up from a photograph of the person’s face so that it can be quickly processed. Since, to obtain a conventional ID card, you need to give the police a photograph of your face the police already have all those photographs on file, whether they are encoded on a chip or not. They can scan those photographs and build up a digital facial ID database which can be distributed anywhere they wish, i.e. they already have all the information they need to track people using facial ID and CCTV. The Chinese government is already doing this very successfully.

      People are worrying about the wrong things. The biggest danger to liberty is the ECB’s plans to introduce a Central Bank Digital Currency, CBDC, to replace the Euro. It will be based on blockchain technology, as used for bitcoin, but will be centrally controlled not distributed like Bitcoin. Cash will be withdrawn and only electronic payments will be used. The difference between a CBDC and they way the Euro operates now is that the central bank, and hence the government, can program it to do whatever they want. Once that is in place they can not only track what you do but also completely control your finances and hence your life.

      • Spot on.

      • CBDC is absolutely the greatest danger to all of us. But unless a LOT of people wake up and realize that “conspiracy theorists” have been right about pretty much everything over the past few years, I see very little hope in successfully fighting it. When majority finally wakes up it will be far too late

  2. Even if the cards contain a very(!) short range RFID chip which would under certain conditions allow tracking, e.g. when passing tnrough a sensor equipped door, a bit of aluminium foil around the card works wonder.
    At least that the tinfoil hats got right.

    Though I wonder if these people are aware, that everyone with an actice cellphone can be tracked within a few hundred meters anyway, alone by using the cell phone antennas around.

    While it IS possible to stay mostly invisible, the price to pay for it in loss of comfort would be much too high vor most to pay..

  3. We will get chipped eventually and that will be that!!

    • That certainly can happen if this current totalitarian tiptoe is allowed to continue – it will continue if too many remain ill-informed/ignorant without the understanding where “convenience and mindless compliance” is leading.

    • Some very educated people informed us that by being vaccinated we would be implanted with microchips, almost all Greeks run around with the latest cellphones. With this in mind that means most people were vaccinated twice and carry a cellphone so that is already three chips in most people. One more in the new Identity Card should not worry law abiding citizens!!! Worry about the cellphones the watch an hear everything. The Department of Dirty Tricks knows everything about you!!

  4. I am a great believer of freedom. The freedom to travel and of expression. I am Muslim I do believe every religion is important to thier believers. I do know through friends that athordox church registers all Greeks at birth.and in marriage. As everyone around the world knows thier is a new practice. This is the practice tow dismantle all religions and cultures. May I suggest to your Church leaders maybe a Church recognised ID word be the way to go.
    As it already has information and can be made without the necessaty of a chip.
    The Church is a powerful lobby and it could be more acceptable.

  5. I mean, the fact that we are already easily tracked is not a good argument against the potential of more accurate tracking in the future. That’s exactly the sort of thinking that got us in this mess in the first place.

  6. It’s all in preparation for the future grim years ahead especially for the younger generation, unfortunately people always call out the conspiracy theorists, but when they’re right it’s usually to late.

    Check out David Icke many things are happening now and will follow…

    Hunger games.

    Lefty libs.

  7. PM Mitsotakis is an atheist…he will choose science & technology over religion & faith every time.

  8. Passionate reactions here. People are skeptical and they should be. The twentieth century has proven that you can’t trust the State, whether from the Left or the Right. There is also the danger of people or countries hacking into these databases and get a hold of people’s identity information with which they can commit crimes or take on other people’s identities. Try to prove then it wasn’t you, although one could claim plausible deniability by stating that your identity was stolen.

    The RFID chips can be beaten. Put the passport in the microwave for a few seconds but then you have a problem when you do need to use the passport. There are special metal holders that act like a cage of Faraday.

    Regarding CBDC, people should never ever stop using cash. If they abolish cash, go back to barter.

    In the end, all these development such as cctvs everywhere, etc. are used to create a panopticon: a society where people autocensor and autocorrect themselves to the desired behaviour. Up to the point where the cctvs can just be dummies.