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Pedestrian killed by police car in South Athens

A 65-year-old man was killed in a traffic accident involving a police car in Moschato suburb of southern Athens on Wednesday.

The victim was trying to cross a main street when he was hit by the police car that had alarm lights on probably heading to an incident.

The driver had apparently no time to react, he swept away the man who suffered severe injuries.

The man was transferred with an ambulance to Attiko Hospital, where he was doctors could only pronounce him dead.

Τροχαίο στο Μοσχάτο: Εικόνες από το σημείο όπου 65χρονος τραυματίστηκε θανάσιμα από περιπολικό

pictures via newsit.gr

Traffic police is conducting a preliminary investigation into the accident.

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