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Seamen on 24h strike in solidarity with Antonis’ family

Ferries remain docked on Wednesday, September 13, due to a 24-strike launched by the Panhellenic Seamen Federation in solidarity with the family of 36-year-old Antonis who was killed by colleagues on the Blue Horizon ferry a week ago.

The Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) issued a statement decrying the incident and indicating that the actions of the three deckhands on the Blue Horizon go against the sector’s professional and moral standards.

Antonis Karyotis, 36, drowned at the port of Piraeus last Tuesday after being pushed into the water by three deckhands while trying to board the ferry as departed for his native Crete.

if you plan to travel by sea check with local port authorities and travel agencies.

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  1. Surely a better way of showing solidarity & support for the family would have been to gather together all the profits from all the tickets sold on all ships in one day & donate it to the family. Instead it seems to me the seamen quite enjoyed a free day off, for example the guy in the ticket office that smiled at me when I was forced to change my ticket (which also ended up costing me an extra 100E for a room plus expenses because I couldn’t travel) & said he was “looking forward to staying in bed”. Meanwhile the unions are using the poor guy that died as a bargaining chip with the government, trying to embarrass them into a salary increase & reduction of working hours. I see no solidarity or support for the family at all, the strike was purely self interest.