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Inmates on hunger strike in several prisons across Greece

Prisons across Greece are ‘boiling’ and inmates have started a hunger strike in several facilities on Monday. Prisoners protest the inhuman conditions of detention and “illegal” extension of their sentence.

According to daily efimerida ton syntakton, prisoners in Domokos prison announced the start of hunger strike and are followed by inmates of other prisons such as in Larissa, Chania, Patras and Corfu.

The protest is against the inhuman conditions of detention, the “illegal” extension of their sentence, the curtailment of their rights, the – now non-existent – of furloughs and the punitive conditions in which they live, the daily reported.

The hunger strike is accompanied by the following demands:

To apply the age limit of 19 years instead of 25 to the Domoko prisons, for the conditional release of old inmates as is the case in all the prisons of the country.

To repeal article 105B par. 6 of the Criminal Code of 2019, which sets a limit of 25 years for new inmates sentence to life for several crimes.

The Penal Code should not have retroactive effect on furloughs and the old limits should apply (10 years for life sentences and 1/5 for temporary sentences).

To remove the obstacles to switching to rural and KAFF and to restore the limits that were in force, without exceptions.

The judicial councils of Lamia should not delay the procedures for conditional release.

Do not increase the total imposition limit on merging sentences from 20 to 25 years.

Take measures to decongest prisons.

That punishments and disciplinary actions can be merged and that article 94 par. 4 be applied without exceptions and misinterpretations, regarding the offenses during the leave and not beyond these days.

To reinstate the limit of 3/5 for temporary releases for conditional dismissal, for all cases.


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