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Big weapons arsenal found in Kolonaki apartment, in downtown Athens

A big arsenal containing carbines, firearms magazines and 500 bullets was found in an apartment in noble district of Kolonaki in downtown Athens on Tuesday afternoon.

The arsenal was found by a group of construction workers, when they entered the storage area of the apartment located on one of the main streets of Kolonaki, media reported citing police sources. The workers immediately called the police

According to police sources, the arsenal was found in an apartment intended to house the offices of a shipping company on Neophytou Douka Street, a street close to Maximos Mansion of the Prime Minister as well as the Greek Parliament.

Found in the arsenal, were, among others, firearms magazines, 4-5 carbines and approximately 500 bullets.

Also, it seems that old army M1s and old grenades were found.

All weapons were located in a trunk.

According to information, police is looking for old owners and tenants of the apartment, suspecting that the weapons maybe belonged to them and they were  there.

The weapons found were transferred to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations of ELA.S. for examination.

State broadcaster ERT reported that the weapons may be from the World War II.

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