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Oncologist demanded bribes from cancer patients to speed up surgeries

An oncologist in Thessaloniki public hospital Theagenio was demanding bribes by his cancer patients in exchange for faster surgeries. His trial was held today.

The doctor was arrested in January 2019 with pre-marked banknotes, after a patient complained to authorities that she had to give a bribe to speed up her surgery.

“My husband offered him 300 euros as a “thank you-gesture but he said I cannot do the surgery, I need 1,000 euros,” the woman told state broadcaster ERT on Monday,

Investigation revealed that the doctor had collected bribes of up to 1,500 euros from at least 17 of his patients.

The court against the doctor was postponed for the fourth time on Monday, causing further distress to the victims.

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  1. Not unusual, pretty much understood in public hospitals, some more than others.

  2. This shocked me when I heard it in Greece, that this “thank you gift” is expected and has to be substantial… To me it is totally unethical… In the NHS they would lose their jobs instantly, but here it is an open secret.. I’m glad to hear this one is being dealt with at least.

  3. This is a dark stain on a noble profession. Shame on those who offer money and those who accept it or ask for it.

  4. This won’t be dealt with and they will continue to practice. Welcome to Greece!