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Local polling stations closed, first results after 10 pm

The polling stations for Greece’s local and regional elections closed at 7 p.m. on Sunday. A second round of elections between winners who did not manage to get 43%+1 vote today is due next Sunday, October 15.

At 5.30 p.m., the turnout rate was recorded at 44.6%, as reported by the Ministry of Interior. This percentage corresponds to approximately 4,360,000 voters.

It is worth noting that the number of aspiring members of local municipality seemed extremely high this year.

In some areas, the ballot reached 94 cm and in some others like in Crete …98 cm!


The first estimated results for the 13 regions and the six major municipalities of the country are anticipated at 10:00-10:30 p.m.

For ruling conservative New Democracy the stake is to win major municipalities such as Athens, Thessaloniki and Piraeus and as many as regional governments.

Interesting is that neither SYRIZA nor PASOK promoted their candidates.

Of particular interest are the results in flood-stricken areas such as Volos, Larissa and smaller municipalities in Thessaly, Central Greece, stuck in mud still one month after the first storm.

Locals complained about mud in the polling station in Sotirio village, Larissa

Of interest are also the voters’ decisions in areas affected by the wildfires in Evros and the island of Rhodes.

Percentage of voters’ participation per region:

Eastern Macedonia – Thrace 45.81%,

Central Macedonia 45%,

Western Macedonia 43.7%,

Epirus 49.3%,

Thessaly 49.5%,

Ionian Islands 41.8%,

Western Greece 49.7%,

Central Greece 53.4%,

Attica 38.7%,

Peloponnese 45.1%,

North Aegean 39.4%,

South Aegean 48.1%

Crete 51.2%.

PS I realized that I did not know 90% of the participants on the ballots of several mayor candidates in my area. Not to mention the names on the regional government ballots.

it seems that 50% of Greeks want to rule (and ruin) the other 50%…

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  1. “it seems that 50% of Greeks want to rule (and ruin) the other 50%…”

    But that is offset by the fact that no self-respecting Greek would ever do what another Greek told them to do, even if they were being told to do something that they actively wanted to do.

    Fortunately British ex-pats were spared the arduous task of reading so many names since we are no longer EU citizens. Those of us who have lived in Greece for over 15 years no longer have a vote anywhere but, strangely, we are still expected to pay taxes. Whatever happened to: “No taxation without representation”?

    • Whatever happened to: “No taxation without representation”?

      That was just another scam 🙂

      In some ways I’m relieved to be disenfranchised because it seems clear that despite apparent choice, they all pretty much say the same thing in the end and virtually none of it is about enabling a happy thriving society.