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Fake dentist arrested in Athens; his victims speak out

A 51-year-old man was arrested for offering dental services and practice without the essential studies. The man is to be charged for practicing dentistry without a degree.

He is being investigated for committing fraud and causing bodily harm.

The fake dentist was in fact a dental technician who was practicing dentistry in Ilioupoli suburb of eastern Athens.

He was arrested following a complaint from a patient.

“He was generally bad in everything he did,” the patient told MEGA TV on Wednesday, thus hinting that he had also a collaborator.

“Several fillings he did fell out a few days later and he convinced me that it was due to the poor quality of my teeth,” the victim said.

The dental technician had assured him that everything would be fine, but the problems not only continued but also became more intense as the days passed. “He broke the bottom tooth, cysts were created that had ‘eaten’ the jawbone, and now I need a jawbone transplant” patient Papadopoulos described the practice of the fake dentist.

Next to fillings he performed also cleanings, treatments and even tooth extractions.

At some point Papadopoulos started to think about the whole experience and cost him quite a batch of money.

In the end, he decided to address the authorities that raided the dental office after the victim arrange an appointment with the fake doctor.

following his arrest, the man reportedly confessed to police that he was a dental technician and admitted that he had no dental knowledge.

After the arrest, complaints about his actions begin to follow one another. In fact, he allegedly told the police, among other things, that he made the decision to open the clinic in Ilioupoli to increase his income. Of course, he would also not issue receipts for the money he cashed by his patients.

Police continues investigation as more victims have come out.

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