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Daktylios: Traffic restrictions return in Athens on Oct 16

Traffic restrictions in central Athens, in an area known as the “daktylios” (ring), will resume on Monday, October 16, and will stay in effect until Friday, July 19, 2024, the transport ministry announced on Sunday.

From Mondays through Thursdays (7 a.m.-8 p.m.) and on Fridays (7 a.m.-3 p.m.) cars will only be able to enter central Athens on alternate days according to the odd-even system, where cars with odd number plates are allowed access when the date is odd and cars with even number plates when the date is even.

The restrictions do not apply to low-emission vehicles. However, the owners of electric, natural gas, autogas and hybrid vehicles, as well as and Euro 6 diesel cars that emit no more than 120g/km of carbon dioxide, must apply for a special exemption permit via a dedicated website,

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