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October was the warmest in Greece in 15 years

The month of October was the warmest in Greece in the last 15 years, the National Observatory of Athens reported on Wednesday.

According to data collected by a network of 51 meteorological stations across the country, the average maximum daily temperatures were very high compared to the average for the period 2010-19.

Macedonia and Thrace recorded the largest deviation, with the monthly average 3.5 degrees Celsius above normal.

In Athens, the average monthly maximum deviation was +1.9° C, with 25 of the 31 days of the month being warmer than usual.

In Thessaloniki, 27 days of the month were warmer than the 2010-19 seasonal average, where the average maximum temperature for the month was +2.9° C.

There was an absence of negative temperatures, meteo service of the National Observatory of Athens noted.

As somebody who keeps swimming in Athens I can confirm that the sea was warmer last weekend, October 28-29, than beginning of the month.

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  1. OK, it was the warmest October in the last 15 years. How should we understand that: is it just an independent statement that doesn’t say anything about the longer past (>15 years), or does it mean that more than 15 years ago, we also had such a warm October. If it is the first, why doesn’t it say ‘in the last 25 years’, or ‘in the last 100 years’, or ‘since measurements were recorded’?