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Greece to introduce “postal vote” starting at EU elections

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Thursday that Greeks living abroad who are enrolled in the voting registry in Greece, will be able to vote by mail. The postal vote will also be possible for those living in Greece who are away of their registered area on the day of elections.

Mitsotakis described the postal vote possibility as a “historic breakthrough” and a bold reform, which will serve as a strong response to voter abstention and inertia.

“Today we take another important step. We are establishing postal voting for anyone who wishes inside and outside Greece,” he said at the start of a cabinet meeting, adding it will allow “tens, hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens who would not have participated under other circumstances,” such as the elderly, the sick, people with disabilities, young people who work seasonally, workers on election days, to vote.

He also said the government will not divide the country into constituencies, as it had considered in the past few months, maintaining a practice followed since 1981. Selection of candidates on the ballot will be done with crosses.

The postal vote is  to be implemented for the first time during the European Parliament elections in late spring 2024, the Greek Premier added.

Due are certain legislation changes to make this happen.

More details about the procedure for the postal vote on a separate post once they are published.

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  1. ah, now we get to have american-style election tampering! just pad the box with postal ballots enough toensure the ‘correct’ outcome!
    even banning oposition candidates and parties wasn’t enough for them, apparently!

  2. A postal service that functions properly might be a good start.