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Public Revenues AADE and Finance Ministry personnel on 24h strike

Personnel at the Public Revenues authority AADE and other  services of the Greek Finance Ministry will launch a nationwide 24-hour strike on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

The personnel has a series of demands such as better working conditions, new hires and a substantial increase in wages, AADE said in a statement.

They criticize the government that in the name of “digitization” the services remain understaffed forcing workers to “almost daily overtime work” even at their homes in the afternoons and on weekends.

“Less and less emploees in the services of AADE and the Ministry of National Economy and Finance are fighting every day, under adverse conditions, in order to keep our services operating. Minimal staff, outdated logistical infrastructure, constant experimentation on the backs of employees and citizens on the part of the Administration and a protracted ‘reorganization of services’ that creates, rather than solves, problems,” they said among others stressing that “the situation undermines the work of the services and burdens the citizens every day.”

They demand:

  • Human Working Conditions
  • Staff Recruitment
  • To put an end to the shrinking (in the name of “reorganization”) of our services
  • Digitization of our Services
  • Substantial Salary Increases
  • Restoration of the 13th and 14th Salary”.

Participate in the strike are employees of AADE, SDOE, Real Estate Services and Central Services.

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