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Postal vote bill passed by Greek Parliament but not for “national elections”

The legislation establishing postal vote for the upcoming European elections, as well as national referendums, was voted by the parliament on Wednesday.

As communist party KKE had reportedly requested a roll-call vote, it turns out that the legislation was voted by the 158 MPs of ruling New Democracy, while it received 135 “No” by opposition parties and 6 “present” on the principle of the bill by Freedom Course (Plevsi Eleftherias).

The surprise amendment by the Interior Ministry to extend the postal vote also in national elections as the exclusive method of voting by Greeks living in other countries.was rejected because it did not gather the required majority of 200 “Yes.”

The last-minute amendment triggered the outrage of opposition parties SYRIZA and PASOK/KINAL who withdrew their original consent to the bill at the Parliament Committee.

Interior Minister Niki Kerameus vowed to reintroduce the amendment on the postal vote bill to include national elections after the European Parliament elections and until the required 200 parliamentary votes are secured.

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