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Fired employee kills three people in shipping company

A shooting incident inside a shipping company in Glyfada, suburb of southern Athens, on Monday morning, left behind four people dead and dozens in shock. Among the dead is also the perpetrator, an employee for almost four decades.

Dead is the 77-year-old woman owner of the company, the co-owner and managing director, 80, and a former captain, 75, employee at the shipping company.

Among the dead was European Navigation’s owner, said a police spokeswoman who didn’t name the victim, reuters reported.

“We were at our desks working, we heard shots,” one of the some 30 company employees  told the Proto Thema news website. She said the gunman had told employees to leave.

Citing the perpetrator, other employees said he told them he came to kill the bosses and commit suicide, reported.

Strong police forces and ambulances rushed to the scene.

Following the shooting, two female employees were taken to nearby hospital as they were under immense shock.

The gunman was found dead in the basement with the rifle next to him. He had reportedly shot himself.

The perpetrator was a 70-year-old of Egyptian national who was recently fired from the company, the company’s employees testified.

According to media, the perpetrator was working for the shipping family of Karnesis as janitor for 36 years. He was given a house to live in. He was fired last year, while his eviction was scheduled to take place on Monday.

The man was known in the area and stunned people told Mega TV that he was a “good man”

In his car police reportedly found also a pistol.

Police investigation continues.

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  1. I am sure that there is more to this terrible event. A 70 yo angry man about to be evicted without a job. Did he have a pension, were there any warning signs?
    R.I.P. to the victims and the perpetrator.