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Greece’s Parliament adopts same-sex marriage bill 176-76

With a wide margin, the Greek Parliament has adopted the bill legalizing same-sex marriage late on Thursday. A “historic” day for the conservative country and a bill that divided the society.

The bill in its entirety was approved 176-76 in the 300-member assembly, whereas 254 MPs were present. 2 MPs voting “present.” A total of 46 lawmakers abstained.

46 empty seats in the Parliament

The announcement of the result was welcomed with big applause.

Greece has become the first Christian Orthodox country to vote a similar bill.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis posted on social media:

1/3 of ruling New Democracy MPs (51) and 1/3 of PASOK lawmakers (11) voted against or abstained. also 3 SYRIZA and 2 New Left MPs abstained.

Against voted also lawmakers from KKE, Nike, Greek Solution and Spartans

ND 107 Yes, 2o No, 31 abstentions. among those abstained were one minister and three deputy ministers, among them also the minister in newly established family Ministry. A challenge for PM Mitsotakis as the same-sex marriage legislation caused a crack in the party.

There were also separate votes for each article, with many getting as many as 199 positive votes.

The bill allows same-sex couples to marry in a civil marriage.

“Civil Partnership’ agreements had been legalized in December 2015.

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